“Either poor or penurious you feel,
Light a cigarette after each meal.”
Turkey has the fourth place in the world with 22 million active and 22 million passive smokers. Unfortunately, people do not seem to care much for non-smokers. Recently however, there has been a tendency to prohibit people smoking in public places but this may take more time to gain acceptance.

The illegal possession, sale or use of drugs such as hashish, heroin and cocaine, is strictly forbidden by Turkish Law.

Baths and Toilets
Water has always been abundant enough to become part of the culture. Therefore, people of Anatolia have gotten used to running water. They always prefer washing themselves in running water (shower or Turkish bath) rather than sitting in bathtubs. If they have a bath, they would take a shower afterwards. Washing faces is the same; they would do it under running water rather than in a washbasin filled with water.
Toilets may be oriental or western. They have separate sections for men and women. Near each mosque there are usually public toilets. Small water pipes coming from the back of the toilets are for water to cleanse with providing a simplified bidet. Toilet paper is used just for drying. Therefore, since paper is not thought to be absolutely necessary, you might not find enough in all public facilities.

Public toilets are always better in hotels and restaurants. On highways, toilets may be quite primitive. In most places both men and women have to pay to use public facilities.