Turkey’s postal services are comparatively organized and efficient. All post offices bear the distinctive yellow PTT sign (Post, Telephone, Telegrams). Larger and central offices are open from 08:00-24:00.

Telephone: All cities are linked by an efficient direct dialing system. Public telephones have two different systems. Some of them work with cards and some with tokens. They are both sold at PTTs. Tokens are called “jeton” in Turkish. Small jetons are only enough for local calls. Phone cards are in 3 different sizes and can be used more than once depending on the capacity of the card. All over Turkey, phone numbers consist of two sections; area code (3 digits) and the number itself (7 digits). During weekdays from 18:00 to 06:00 and on weekends calls are comparatively cheaper than the normal times as one can speak longer with the same amount of phone credit. The telephone system in Turkey is good. The total number of the telephone lines is 7.5 million. In other words the ratio is 7.5 persons per telephone (1993). With this number Turkey lies seventh in Europe and fourteenth in the world.

Same area calls just the 7-digit number
From area to area 0 + area code + number
International calls 0 + 0 + country code + area code + number