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As a reference or leisurely read, Turkish Odyssey is the most comprehensive Turkey travel guide online.


In this web site a Hittite will whisper into your ear how proud he was when they sat down to sign the first Peace Treaty of human history with the Egyptians; a Phrygian will give away the secret of their King, Midas's long donkey ears; a sorrowful Trojan will explain on a bright coast of the Dardanelles why they lost the war; Anatolian born St. Paul will let you follow his footsteps to the heart of his painful mission; finally, an Ottoman is going to tell you how they were so impressed by the magical masterpiece of the Hagia Sophia when they captured Constantinople.

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Information About TurkeyClick here, if you are interested in learning about the geography, history, archeology and mythology of Turkey.

Turkey Travel GuideThe most attractive sights at tourist destinations in Turkey are explained by a native tour guide.

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Turkey pictures. Hundreds of photos are available for those who would like to order.

Maps of Turkey17 Turke maps of particularly interesting areas, more to come.

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Tips about TurkeyDaily Turkish life, money, food, shops and shopping, transportation, etc.

Deals of TurkeyTurkey Travel Services; best deals which we have chosen for you, save up to 62% & through. Compare the prices.

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