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Introduction to Turkish History

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When discussing history of Turkey, it is always difficult to know from which period to actually begin. The earlier civilizations of Anatolia cannot be ignored. Some historians take the advent of the Turks into Anatolia in the 11C as the "beginning". If this were to be the case then history is limited to dating from the nomadic Turks.

It has to be noted that civilizations are never built without foundations. Just like a wall made of bricks, they are all established upon former civilizations. Therefore it is quite possible to see traces of the very earliest cultures inherent in those that followed.



If we want to speak about history of Turkey, we have to begin by going back to the very early ages as the present country is an extension and mixture of people who come from various origins.


Part 1

Anatolia Until Alexander the Great

Paleolithic Age
Neolithic Age
Chalcolithic Age
Bronze Age
Iron Age
Dark Age

Part 2

Anatolia Until the Turks

Alexander the Great
Hellenistic Age
Roman Age
Byzantine Period

Part 3

Turkish Period

Seljuk Period
Beyliks (Principalities) Period
Ottoman Period

Part 4

The Republic Period

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
Ismet Inonu
Military Coups


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